Concert-length Videos


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The following high-quality concert videos, in DivX format, can be viewed instantly with a single click (once you add the web-based plugin). If you would like to download the DivX file, right-click on the pink title of the video and choose "Save Link As...". For even better fidelity, the links at the bottom of this page go to the highest quality DVD sources.

Rock en Seine concert - August 25, 2005

Rock en Seine is a rocket to the top with a bullet!!! Many people think this is Arcade Fire's best concert recording, and I agree. This piece of joy lasts about 55 minutes.

Austin City Limits - September 14, 2007

Watch Arcade Fire perform at the Austin City Limits festival, recorded for broadcast on PBS. The music and the production are terrific. This performance is about 50 minutes long.

l'Olympia Theater, Paris - March 20, 2007

Live in Paris, from l'Olympia Theater on March 20, 2007. Somehow you never actually see Jeremy collapsing, sick, off the drum kit in the middle of the show, and you barely notice that Win's voice is about to break so badly that the rest of this tour would soon be cancelled. But you certainly will remember that Rebellion(Lies), as the closing number, is as hot as you'll ever see!!!

High Fidelity Downloads

Rock en Seine - August 2005 - A torrent of the DVD in PAL format

Austin City Limits - September 2007 - A torrent of the HD-DVD recording

Live in Paris (l'Olympia) - March 2007 - A torrent of the DVD in PAL format

And the one true hub of Arcade Fire downloads, which has audio of nearly every concert the band ever played, can be found at the Us Kids Know forum.