Homework:  For every textbook chapter read, students will be required to turn in 2 comments or observations regarding the chapter material.  Optimally, I would like to see students relating the material to their own experience as much as possible, and thinking in an abstract and critical way about what they are reading.  Undergrads: there will be sixteen chapters assigned, and thus you will need to turn in 16 sets of comments or questions.  Homework will constitute 10% of your final grade.  I will not be grading these questions and comments; you will get full credit for simply turning them in on time.  However, I will be reading them and will often provide feedback on your answers.  For almost every chapter, I will hand out a list of thought questions.  You may choose to take both, one, or none of your homework items from this list.  Grad students:  You will be reading additional chapters, and you may choose to comment on any two of the chapters you read for any given week.